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Tarras Rare Breed Rugs

Our rugs are produced from fleeces obtained direct from the farm where the sheep are raised. We incorporate fleece from at least one rare breed sheep into each of our rugs, some have as many as 6 different types.

Hand made yarn

The fleeces are first picked to remove as much as possible of the bracken and twigs etc that have become entangled in the wool. They are then washed, dried and sorted for colour and fibre length. Next comes the process of carding which attempts to straighten out all of the fibres and remove the knots and tangles before the wool is spun into yarn on a traditional wooden spinning wheel.

Hand woven product

The weaving is carried out on a 130 years old, wooden handloom which started life in the mountains of Switzerland where it was built by the local village carpenter for his wife to weave linen tablewear on.He must have been quite proud of his construction as he stamped various bits with the year date1888. Since then it has had a number of modifications and adaptions, some good some not so, but it is a fairly robust contraption and seems to manage with our homespun yarns.