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Copshaw Colours

A plaid designed to celebrate the community spirit of Newcastleton.

The year 2020 wasn’t the best for any of us and it is now almost a year since the night of February 15th when some of the residents of Newcastleton suffered the extra blow of being flooded out of their homes when the river Liddel burst its banks. Great hardship has been endured by many and for some it still continues, unable to return to their homes because of the damage caused that night. However, during the difficult times of the past year there have been amazing acts of kindness and generosity, with a definite feeling of the village community working together.
I decided to put together a tartan to try to further cement and celebrate this spirit for the future. The cloth is constructed from Shetland wool yarn with shades representing the colours all around us, Copshaw Colours. The dark is Midnight, for our celebrated Dark Skies, the green/yellow for the Spring bracken on the Hill and the bright blue for the Summer skies, the Moor is a dark olive windowpane check. Running through it are yellow threads in recognition of the efforts and achievements of the Copshaw Common Riding committee, to whom a donation will be made for every metre sold.

copshaw colours throw

Pure New Wool in the Copshaw Colours plaid.


copshaw colours plaid

Pure New Wool Tweed


copshaw colours scarf

Supersoft Shetland Pure New Wool


copshaw colours lamp shades

Copshaw Colours bespoke lamp shades


copshaw colours lightshades

Copshaw Colours Lightshades


beautifully scottish