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Elliott’s Shed’s Posts from April - June 2018

Wonderwool Wales


by Lynn E.

29 May 2018

After the now usual frantic week or two of collecting, collating and packing, all the cloth and throws were eventually in boxes, stashed into the van and off we went. We had allowed an extra day to drive down to our oasis of calm in the midst of the woods of Powys where our friends Bas and Shirley have their Greenspace retreat.

The image of the stand prior to kick off doesn't convey the hustle and bustle that transpired shortly afterwards and continued non stop for the 2 days of the show.

Hebrides Barn (shed) Find


by Lynn E.

20 April 2018

After quite a drive from our cottage on the beach and with the help of the local Post Office sorting room we found the right croft and the Shed.

Western Isles


by Lynn E.

2 April 2018

My quest to locate, dismantle and return with another Hattersley treddle loom in the van had us journeying from end to end of the island more than once. We met wonderful people and fortunate with the weather the scenery was awe inspiring.