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Elliott’s Shed’s Posts from July - September 2018

Hattersley 2, making progress


by Lynn E.

26 August 2018

If you read the earlier Hebrides Shed item you might recognize one or two of the bits in the images above. They are a sort of before and after collection of cast iron lumps which will shortly be re-assembled into a hopefully working Hattersley loom. All had an encrusting of rust, ancient grease, oil, filthy old wool and general muck but, thankfully they appear to have survived and after liberal dosages of various cleansing and easing agents plus some brute force all the seized moving parts now seem to function. Another month or two and we might have this weaving !!

Fingers crossed.

Super Woolfest


by Lynn E.

29 July 2018

This was our 6th visit to Woolfest but our first as stall holders and boy what a difference when you're behind the counter. No gentle meanders through the stalls, stopping to gaze at things of interest, this was two days of action with precious few rest breaks. There's something about these "woolly" shows that brings out the better nature of people or perhaps it's just the sort of people who attend. It was busy and there were the inevitable queues whilst we wrestled with cloth and the technology of the card machine but there was never a cross word, not even a tut, everyone went with the flow and enjoyed their day. We most certainly did.